We are very happy to be able to take our children’s destiny in our own hands and use highly skilled and devoted faculty to help shape their future. It is our desire that P.I.E. is just the beginning of their wonderful journey of discovery and we will help them reach for the stars.

About P.I.E

The Program for Intellectual Empowerment provides all students with disabilities the opportunities for neurobiological growth, academic prowess, the conceptualization of the world, and social well-being.

“Our job is not to fix the students but build them up to be better versions of themselves, wholly and completely”

PIE began with teacher Pauline Lee experiencing the public school system and wanting more from the program and more for her students.  Ms. Lee proposed a new program, and within six months we had 10 parents and the lead teachers.   Since the start of the first full-term, students have:

  • Performed a play 
  • Planned/executed a Thanksgiving feast for 50 people
  • Volunteered at the Oregon food bank
  • Performed a concert at Pioneer Square
  • Mailed care packages and letters to soldiers overseas
  • Planted a tree for Earth day,
  • Camped over weekends as a class
  • Live-streamed a Christmas concert
  • Started 3 D printing program 
  • Started a crafting creative business from scratch
  • Learned to cook meals for families

Curriculum includes:

  • History, such as learning about the presidents
  • Biology, such as studying human anatomy
  • Conceptualizing math
  • Expanded reading concepts 
  • Learning to play music together as an ensemble
  • Physics experiments

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment where students are educated within their learning system and challenged as contributing members of society.

What Sets Us Apart

P.I.E. provides intellectual stimulation of the mind through Dr. Ellyn Arwood’s Neuroeducation Model, the Neuro-semantic Language Learning Theory (NsLLT). At P.I.E., children participate in drawing, writing, and movement (hand over hand) to further conceptualize and gain the tools necessary for understanding human experience. We will equip students with tools to adapt and respect people around them. We will help them develop creative problem-solving skills, and communicate their thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways.

We use the Neuro-Semantic Language Learning theory (NsLLT). Internally, the neurobiological process for conceptual learning is layered and starts at the sensory level that overlaps into patterns, then those patterns create concepts. Research confirms that conceptual learning through language occurs in neural networks with multiple access points running along circuits of nerves in the brain (Olson, 2001). Our program is based on how language and the brain function together. Language is the mediation between a child’s literacy and behavior. Language names a child’s thinking. The program focuses on helping children express themselves by increasing rich language and providing a rich and respectful socio-cognitive environment.

Parent's Messages


Currently, P.I.E. is not a publicly funded school. 

Space is limited, but you can fill out the contact form and we will contact you with relevant information.

We offer grades based off of curriculum but we mainly look at IEP progress. We mostly serve students at Middle and High school level grades.

Apart from brief breaks for winter, spring and summer, P.I.E. is a year round program.

Right now, we only offer regular school programs.

Right now tuition covers basic supplies but parents may need to provide additional writing supplies or technology for their student to use. 

We require as much involvement as a parent can commit to. We are a collective group of parents that work together with the teacher to help our children succeed.

Students are supported in small groups and will get individualized attention as needed. Work completion will be  based  on an individual student’s goals and needs. 

Unfortunately our scale of operation prevents us from refunding any fees if a student is withdrawn from school at any point during the school year.

We will host fundraisers in order to fund any outside activities and meet any unforeseen additional expenses not budgeted for at the beginning of the school year. Parents may be called upon from time to time to supervise trips or carpool students to field trips and other outside activities. Parents who attend P.I.E also need to enroll their child into NWRESD as home school students. 

Thank You!!

PIE is made possible by donors and supporters like you!

Hillary & Crosby Peck, Carolyn & Justin Blank, Sandi Bittler, Liany Foe,

Nyssa Achtyes & Taylor Hopper, Czarina & Dwayne Boyce,

Mimi & John McGuire, Ranjith Jayaweera, Cecilia & Richard Tsai,

Caroline & Harrison Li, John & Lichin Meneses, Judy & Mark Turner, Deb Postlewait, Anne Herman, Christina Lee & Rodney Chin, Crystal Kriswandi, Mike Rigby, Velma & Carlos Zubieta, Olga & Aleksey Cherevatenko, Pamela Ooten, Ava & Chip Setzer,

Nancy & Tim Glassman, Bobbie & David Calhoun, David Waldrip, Trang & Kent Achtyes, Kathleen & Rob Herman, Yehderah & Tom Haldorsen, 

Vincent Rayappa, Josephine Amaldhas,

Jane & Tom Williams, Katrina Kerley, Vaishnavi Sarathy, Rosie,

Carol Anne & Stanley Tsai, Tarek & Leslie Katbi, Dorothy & Sherry Wiren

Erika Del Valle, Kathleen & Rob Herman, Kellie Eickelnerg

Tina & Juan Landeros, Irina Giltin, Alex Berkovich, Anna Berenbeym,

Ramya Srikanth, Srikanth Natarajan, Dacian Daescu, Ya Huang,

David & Shauntel Hogan, Mignon & John Hamlin, Liette & Jeff Gasparitsch,

Audrey & Tom Forbes, Chuck Forbes & Donna Beegle, Darlene Good, Jennifer Moreno, Lindsey McLaren, Tiki Honkanen, Emily & Joel Clyburn, Kyrsti Sackman, Terri Houser, Andrew & Onea Enea, Gennifer & Geraldine Masters, Rosanna & Bernie Sorenson,

Brian & Michelle Okken, Brooke Taylor, Pauline & Kyle Lee, Kirk Maag,

Amy & Forrace Garcia, Athena Bryant

Pattie Lee, Michelle Stafford, John Lourdusamy, Mila B, Sarita Benjamin, Christian Honl, Nicole Hainley, Debbie Kraus, Tara S, Ruth Soldano, Jason & Hannah Lee,

Anita Rangel, Frieda Villagomez, Fred Rangel, Marat Berkovich, 

Birdy Evans, Andy Carle, Balaji Venkatesan, Lichin Chang-Meneses, Georgia Fujikawa,

Monique Hawthorne, Wee Ong, Cara Lutze, Devin Arthurs, Keith Meakins, 

Lena Choe, David & Valerie Truong, Peter Hopper, Kim Tran, Tung Nguyen, 

Hang Lu, Tim & Lisa Bazemore, Nhung Tran Razzari, Keith M., 

Vicki Fitzgerald, Katrina Kerley,

Anne Olson, Anh Tran, Hideo Dinh, Patricia Minh Huong Nguyen, 

Anh-Van Truong, Christine Darby, Tony Abeyta, Amy Wilde-Taylor

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