Our Mission

  • For Autism Minds Everywhere (FAME) is intended to support and fund programs and organizations that enrich and aim to improve the lives of people with disabilities. 

  • At FAME we will always strive for the best methods, practices and treatment of people with disabilities. 

  • FAME hopes that by partnering and being able to financially support programs with the same desire the true change starts to take place.

Detailed Budget for Proposed Project

For Autism Minds Everywhere (FAME) request of $150,000 is to help fund the 2021-2022 school year of Program for Intellectual Development (PIE). The 150,000 would be to expand our program to include a transitional program. This would include a small cafe for life/career skills as well as 2 new classrooms, including a early intervention program. The students in our program are getting older and are ready to join the workforce. Many programs utilized people with special needs as menial jobs. The transitional program for PIE would be a cafe that is operated solely by all the students. This would give them agency and something to be proud of. In addition, we wish to add an early childhood intervention program. 

  • $50,000 for 2 new classrooms ($4,000 a month for renting a space big enough to house 3 classrooms, and a cafe.)
  • $100,000 for one lead teacher, and 1 support staff for the 2021-2022 school year. 

How will this benefit PIE?

Classroom space and low cost commercial real estate is a luxury that we take for granted. For 3 years we were able to rent a very nice space from a local church. But as PIE has grown, not just in number but in student size, we are needing more space. There is also a need for neuro-education in early intervention programs. By incorporating an early intervention program, we are ensuring that families and their children are getting a solid foundation in how to navigate a different life. We also are at max capacity in our current space and we have 3 students on the waiting list. Having a bigger space would allow more students to join PIE 

Being able to have a larger space would mean: 

  • More space for activities and enrichment such as painting, and 3d printing. 
  • Connect more in the community, with more students, our partners like Catlin Gabel can grow their peer buddy program. 
  • Being able to grow in the same space and not having to move every year. 
  • Students could try out their new careers in a safe environment, to add layers for their conceptualization. 
  • Partnering with other schools and attending events with peers
  • Serving the community such as volunteering at the Oregon food bank as a class
  • Host and plan more community events, such as painting nights, or school dances. 

Board Of Directors

Pauline Lee

Founder and President of the Board

I created FAME as a means to ensure that we never lose sight of empowering all minds with disabilities or not. Though the name says For Autism Minds everywhere. The mission behind FAME is to slowly change the paradigm of education. I want to make sure we are making a world where people with disabilities are held to a high standard of interacting, living, thriving. While accepting who they are. Wholey, quirks in all.

Our job is not to fix people with disabilities it’s to ensure that they are being built into the best version of themselves. Always.

Limen Chang


Mimi Limen Chang has been on the board of FAME since 2019.  She has over 20 years of experience in the international business and will lend her business expertise to both PIE (Program for Intellectual Empowerment), the school arm of FAME, as well as the organization of FAME.  She has a son that presently attends PIE. With this personal connection to the school, Mimi is devoted to the vision that FAME will provide vast opportunities to the lives of people living with autism and other disabilities. 


Prior to joining FAME, Mimi was the managing director of OCC International, LTD.  She earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Notre Dame.


Katrina Kerley

Fundraising Director

Katrina has been involved in education for 20 years and has worked in Special Education for the past 9. Currently a special education assistant in the Beaverton School District. She has been the lead coordinator for many fundraising events at her children’s school and is passionate about unifying schools and communities.

Katrina is a dedicated wife and mom of two amazing kids.

Katrina is passionate about seeing FAME and PIE grow because of the amazing success she has witnessed with the students in the school. The focus of the school to integrate students into the community along with teaching skills that amplify a student’s passion and natural abilities is a life changer for the students and the families.

Jane Williams​


Jane is a huge proponent of learning and comes from a family of educators.  Jane worked in Canada as a senior hr advisor and corporate trainer and is now working for Multnomah County as a senior training manager in Central HR, running many learning programs and a talented team.

When not learning or teaching, Jane can be found gardening, running with their dogs, and cycling with Zach. Jane and Tom have traveled with Zach since he was a baby, so they share a love of new places and hiking together wherever they go.  
As an educator and a mom, Jane is an ardent supporter of PIE and FAME.  Zachary has surpassed all expectations thanks to Ms. Lee and the neuroeducational methods that have been key to his phenomenal successes as a student, an athlete, and a good person in our community.

Cecilia Tsai​


Cecilia has a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a MBA. She last worked at Intel Corporation as a Senior Financial Analyst. Cecilia joined FAME because she wanted a better education for her son who has autism. At PIE, her son thrived socially and academically as learning is more customized and engaging. Cecilia believes in the FAME model and wants to see its growth to serve more children in the community. Cecilia also helped found another local school, Hope Chinese Charter School, where she served on its Board and was an avid volunteer.


Kristin Plekan

Community Developer

Kristin Plekan is our resident community developer and grant writer. She graduated with a B.A. in Community Development with an emphasis on Advocacy for Vulnerable Populations and Non profit work from Portland state university in 2015. Since college, she has gained experience by working on teams that have launched local community centers, park revitalization projects, non-profit 5k fundraisers, and launched an empathy based video game creation NPO; partnered with local libraries called Pixel Arts. For the last 6 years she has been working in social services with the V.A., Home and Community Services and Aging and disabilities. In her other life, she continues to be a fierce advocate her patients in a small dementia and rehab facility as a behavioral specialist and social services director.

Today she is the mother of the most amazing son, who altered his mother’s passions for advocacy with his own ASD diagnosis, and shares his mother’s love for volunteering and trying to make the world a better place. He, himself, launching a math tutoring program and getting his first grant award.

She and her son dream of launching our own community center, focusing on adaptive and occupational therapy, sports, equine and aquatic therapy, and family and social supports.

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