Year 2021-2022 Expanding Curriculum and Experiences

  • Create our own facility complete with gym space and creative arts
  • Transportation for students
  • Improved school software and learning technology
  • Access to more enrichment activities
  • Creating a scholarship fund

Technology funding

$35 a month

Donating $35 a month will help fund classroom supplies.

Provide enrichment or volunteer activity

50$ a month

Donating $50 a month will help fund enrichment activities.

Build a scholarship

$100 a month

Donating $100 a month will help fund field trips, science projects and more!

Year 2022-2023 Expanding Classrooms

  • Add 2 more classrooms with 2 lead teachers. 
  • Add grades 4-6 and 2-3. 
  • Hire 2 aides per classroom.

Year 2023-2025 Building a Community

  • Launch an early intervention program utilizing the NsLLT methodology.
  • Create a community living center complete with café, business center, agriculture space and apartments for students transitioning to adulthood. This community living center will serve as a space for students to be successful confident members of society.