For Autism Minds Everywhere, is the 501(C)(3) non-profit group that supports 3 programs for special needs children

Early Learners Program

will be launched later to ser PIE-K to Grade 5


Program For Intellectual Empowerment was launched in 2018 as a year round day school for special needs children in middle to high school

Transition Program

will be launched later when P.I.E students reach age 18-22

About F.A.M.E

At the moment FAME has partnered with the Program for Intellectual Empowerment (PIE) that serve children and adults with disabilities.  FAME’s main purpose is to be the fiscal agent for PIE.  FAME believes in the supporting educational advancements and methodologies that cultivate the mind and body of people with disabilities. The partnership between FAME and PIE was established to provide additional funding for PIE’s growth and to advance the program’s curriculum.

PIE is dedicated to educating and empowering children with disabilities. The children are in an interactive setting that allows them to flourish and become contributing members of the community. They are encouraged to be thinkers and problem solvers so they may achieve purposeful and independent lives as much as possible.  All proceeds from FAME directly benefit the children in these programs and their future.  PIE has been operating for a year now with 11 students.  The PIE community had initially raised $41,000 for start-up costs, including rent and staff salaries.  For the upcoming school year, PIE would like to add transportation for its students, which has been a hardship.

Board Of Directors

Pauline Lee

Founder and President of the Board

I created FAME as a means to ensure that we never lose sight of empowering all minds with disabilities or not. Though the name says For Autism Minds everywhere. The mission behind FAME is to slowly change the paradigm of education. I want to make sure we are making a world where people with disabilities are held to a high standard of interacting, living, thriving.

Limen Chang


Mimi Limen Chang has been on the board of FAME since 2019.  She has over 20 years of experience in the international business and will lend her business expertise to both PIE (Program for Intellectual Empowerment), the school arm of FAME, as well as the organization of FAME…

Katrina Kerley

Fundraising Director

Katrina has been involved in education for 20 years and has worked in Special Education for the past 9. Currently a special education assistant in the Beaverton School District. She has been the lead coordinator for many fundraising events at her children’s school and is passionate about unifying schools and communities.

Jane Williams


Jane is a huge proponent of learning and comes from a family of educators.  Jane worked in Canada as a senior hr advisor and corporate trainer and is now working for Multnomah County as a senior training manager in Central HR, running many learning programs and a talented team.

Cecilia Tsai


Cecilia has a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a MBA. She last worked at Intel Corporation as a Senior Financial Analyst. Cecilia joined FAME because she wanted a better education for her son who has autism…


Kristin Plekan

Community Developer

Kristin Plekan is our resident community developer and grant writer. She graduated with a B.A. in Community Development with an emphasis on Advocacy for Vulnerable Populations and Non profit work from Portland state university in 2015.

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