Welcome to the

Program for Intellectual Empowerment (PIE)​

Which is Funded Through Tuition, Grants and Supported by For Autism Minds Everywhere (FAME) as PIE's fiscal agent.

FAME is a non-profit organization serving individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities.

Why Should Someone Donate

Giving isn’t about giving a donation, its about making a difference. And when you donate to FAME or PIE, it allows us to pour back resources, love and service back into the community. Donating to our program allows us to reach more students and families as well as open new classes which are desperately needed. 

Latest Events

Golf Scramble at Pumpkin Ridge


Brain Based Learning

SATURDAY, 16 OCTOBER 2021 FROM 19:30 UTC+02-22:30 UTC+02

Lunch Box Order

PIEs 2nd Annual Fall Dance

31 OCT AT 03:00 – 31 OCT AT 05:00 UTC+01

Images From Our Program

Enroll to our P.I.E program

Early Learners Program

will be launched later to ser PIE-K to Grade 5


Program For Intellectual Empowerment was launched in 2018 as a year round day school for special needs children in middle to high school

Transition Program

will be launched later when P.I.E students reach age 18-22